Dental Health

If you’ve been putting off having a dental procedure done in anticipation of pain or discomfort, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear of all the advances in modern dentistry that now eliminate a lot of the old “painful” stereotypes of the dentist. In your parent’s generation, or even early in your own, dentistry was a dreaded process – a necessity only when the patient couldn’t bear the pain of a tooth crisis. A dentist’s job was to pull teeth, fill cavities and patch up dental problems, often when they were at an advanced state.

Today's patients recognize the importance of regular continuing-care dental visits to avoid potential problems before they begin. Even once a problem occurs, there are new medications, sedation techniques and technological advances to resolve problems faster, more efficiently and with little to no discomfort.

Please share your dental anxieties with us so we can explain the steps we take right here in our office to make your dental experience a positive and painless event.

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