• Wonderful staff. They make you feel welcome & comfortable. Loved my dental hygienist! Beautiful office too. - J.B.

  • My husband was extremely impressed with Dr. Seebaldt. So much so that he's going to start getting his teeth cleaned regularly. –D.L.

  • As a previous employee of this doctor, I can assure you that you will receive the absolute best and most honest treatment. Dr. Seebaldt's heart is as amazing as his work and the staff is like family. Highly recommend. –C.W.

  • Great hygienist and office. Dr Seebaldt was patient and didn't push an unnecessary filling and instead opted to watch it for the next 6 months. Appreciated this and not his need to just get my money. Take military dental insurance too! - A.S.

  • Best dentist in the area! Glad I chose to go to his office –N.R.

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